At HillTop we believe we are not called to be an audience, but an army of soldiers serving Him! CareCenter Ministries is the missions organization through which HillTop Church serves the community. Through a variety of Christ-centered programs, we seek to reach the least, the lost and the lonely through programs that strengthen the hand of the poor. 

HillTop Church and CareCenter Ministries is a harmonious union. Both of us play equal notes, yet the medley is so interwoven that we are unfinished without the other. These are the instruments of change that make up CareCenter Ministries, and the vessel for mission opportunities for HillTop Church. 

The Basket Food Pantry

The Basket is a food program that serves approximately 150 families per week, and distributes over 16,000 boxes of food annually, giving groceries that will feed a family for three to five days. CareCenter employs a three-tiered biblical approach to its food distribution for the purpose of strengthening the hand of the poor rather than enabling them.

Race Program

The Race program is a one-year residential program for men with life-controlling problems, such as alcohol and substance abuse; also, those who have behavioral dysfunctions or a criminal history. The Race program goes beyond treatment; it is a program of discipleship, including a faith-based, 12-step program.

Tree of Life Women's Refuge

The Tree of Life is a one-year residential program for battered and addicted women that provides refuge, training and a faith-based, 12-step program.  The program also includes refuge for single-mothers and their children providing shelter, support, advocacy, education, and resources needed to live independent lives free from addiction and violence.

Academy for Inner-City Missions

The Academy for Inner-City Missions is a two-year study program that prepares and equips graduates for hands-on missionary work. The program offers a sound biblical foundation with practical, hands-on ministry training and personal mentoring. Graduates receive an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies.


ACTS focuses on specific apartment complexes in the Pleasant Grove area.  Our vision for these families is to provide them with an assortment of programs that will help transform their community.  As a result of relationships developed with apartment owners and managers, CareCenter has established a level of trust that has enhanced our effectiveness within these complexes.

Community Center

The CareCenter Community Center provides a nurturing environment for our community where youth can find faith­-based activities that seek to promote positive development through relationship, mentorship and discipelship. We seek to empower the youth through services including After-School Program, summer and holiday camps, sports leagues and mentorship curriculum.